Monday, 28 July 2014

Eye Makeup Guide

Kube Studios Makeup Guide

Kube Studios are a photography studio in London, Manchester and Birmingham. If you need a modelling portfolio contact them to find out more about Kube Studios and what they do.

To start your smoky eye make-up first choose which colour eye shadow will suit your eye colour. Brown and hazel eyes look gorgeous in gold, blue, plum or violet shades. Plum is dramatic enough to work with brown or black eye shadow and it looks gorgeous on green eyes. Play around with a plum smoky eye by applying a light mauve colour and a deep plum in the crease.

Before putting on your eye makeup, clear the surface of the skin with an eye shadow base for a long time make-up. It's great to apply your foundation and under eye concealer after your smoky eyes. Dark colours have a tendency to smear on freshly applied foundation. If you carefully apply your foundation first then your eye make-up will not smerge.

Begin with eye shadow. The darkest eye shadow can be applied allover the eye lid depending upon the shape of your eye and the look you desire. Many female modelling artists prefer putting dark colour eye shadows as it makes a great impact. For a simple smoky eye, you can try to go for the basic eye shadow colours like black and golden which is suited to every eye colour.