Thursday, 29 January 2015

Kube Studios Tips for Photographers

Kube Studios Tips for Photographers

When you are faced with managing a shoot for the first time, it can be quite a scary experience. In our experience, people get easily flustered and focus on the details rather than the matter at hand. Here are some tips from Kube Studios on how to manage yourself, the models and the team on your first shoot. 

The first point to consider is whether the model knows what they are doing, and the purpose of the shoot. If he or she is a first timer hoping to get into fashion modelling then you will manage the situation differently to if it is a professional working for an advertising campaign. Once you know this, your job gets easier. Do they need a nudge, or do they need more? To get the best results you should speak your mind without being condescending or coming off as being angry, no matter how frustrating it might be! Beginners need nurturing, rather than being told off. If the subject is making mistakes, point them out in a nice way and see how they react. 

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Make sure your gear is all prepped well before you are due to start. At Kube Studios, all gear is prepared the night before in most cases and double checked in the morning to make sure that appointments run to schedule. There is nothing worse than hardware failure delaying a shoot. At best, it looks unprofessional, and at worst it will lose you a customer and their friends. In a business like photography that, to some extent, relies on referrals, one bad experience can have an impact on the following months. Bearing this in mind, Kube Studios strive to provide the best results and full experience to all clients and customers. If you want to find out more about our London flagship studio, visit the Kube Studios London section of our website and watch the video below. Get in touch through our website or over the phone for booking enquirires and have a great week!