Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Kube Studios Lighting Tricks

Kube Studios Manchester Lighting Tricks

Ever wondered how we get that great look? Lighting is a huge component in any successful shoot. The lighting technicians at Kube Studios strive for perfection on set to ensure a fantastic product.
Kube Studios

1. Most studio lighting set-ups only emphasise one facet of your subject’s face. By adding an additional light to the rear of the set, we can start to create a more three-dimensional effect.
The hair light should be positioned carefully behind the model to one side, but not so it shines directly into the lens. We meter this light separately with all others switched off, so that it’s half a stop dimmer than the main light.
We can use a snoot to create a small but direct patch of light that picks up the texture of the hair.

2. A real innovation in lighting gadgets is the tri-flector. Three mini reflectors are designed into a single unit, which is placed on a low stand underneath our subject.
Each of the panels can move independently to remove shadows from the right, left and underneath, leaving a stark but glamorous result.
Kube Studios technicians can add a single light pointing down slightly above the model’s eye level to achieve a flawless result every time. Additionally we can add a hair light behind to emphasise the model's silhouette for striking results.