Friday, 25 September 2015

What not to do in your Portfolio Photoshoot

Tips from Kube Studios

A strong modelling portfolio is the first step in any career progression in the modelling business. Kube Studios review hundreds of portfolios every week and see every mistake in the book over and over again. Visit the Kube Studios website for more information on portfolios. In this post let's look at some of the most common mistakes that models make when submitting their portfolios.

Sometimes its not clear who the actual subject of the photo is. Don't submit photos featuring anyone but yourself. As a standalone picture being presented to a client, they won't know who is who.

Kube Studios
Don't wear hats, sunglasses, or anything that draws attention away from you. Hiding your features is not a good idea. Men shouldn't wear make up. As above, it can hide positives and be misleading. Have a range of shots, head shots, full body shots, and body parts shots if you want to get into body parts modelling for catalogs or adverts. 

If your portfolio is more on the home-made side, at least make sure the environment the photos are taken in is clean, light, airy and presentable. Many photos submitted are taken at night in dimly lit rooms, perhaps even as selfies, and these cannot be used in a professional modelling portfolio. Kube Studios strongly recommend having at least four professional photos in any portfolio. 

Avoid these mistakes and you'll be on the right track. Find Kube Studios on tumblr and watch this video to find out about what Kube Studios can do for you!