Thursday, 25 September 2014

Kube Studios Folio Shoots

Kube Studios Manchester Folio

Kube Studios have been at the centre of Manchester's fashion scene for over a decade. With premises in the trendy Northern Quarter between all the top bars and clubs Kube Manchester is the only fashion studio also specialising in helping aspiring models break into the industry. 

kube studios

When the camera is at face level, make sure to raise your chin. A good modelling photographer will tell you to do this, but if he doesn't, then you have to remember. In the Bowie-esque picture to the left notice that the model has the underneath of her chin in line with the camera. Doing this avoids double chins and gives a great headshot angle. 

See more modelling folio shots on the Kube Studios website! 

kube studios

This model has her chin angled down, also in line with the camera but with the shot being taken from below. Using different angles and always noting the camera's position as the photographer moves is a skill that you must practice. 

Find our more about Kube Studios and watch this video.

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